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After the retirement of his father in 1973, Victor was forced a to make a major decision regarding the family business, “Bob’s Body Shop”. He was either going to shut down the business or keep it going. Bob Sr. had been a successful, hands-on businessman and all customers dealt solely with him. This would be a tough act to follow.

Victor chose the latter and kept the body shop opened and decided to learn the everyday operations of running a shop. Victor had no prior experience managing a business, and to make the body shop a continued success, Victor decided to go in a different direction and rename the body shop to Kollision King. This way he would be able to establish his own identify and to establish his own self worth in the eyes of the auto body industry.

In 1976, Victor knew the gambles involved in running a body shop. Since then, it has paid off and today Kollision King is a 10000 square-foot shop. All his profits were put back into the shop, for the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment. Victor now has a shop staff of 12, all of which are kept busy with a steady flow of work. The shop now completes up to 20 vehicles weekly.

Aware that his richest resource is his staff, Victor invests in them accordingly. Unity is important and they all work together to solve problems. Victor always insists on quality work, courtesy, and training to keep up with changes in industry. Staff training, together with a focus on customer service, are keys to success at Kollision King

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